Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wigg Island trip.

Wigg Island is a local nature reserve in Runcorn, Cheshire. The reserve was opened on 19 April 2002 by popular bird watching celebrity Bill Oddie.

'A triumph in industrial land reclamation and rejuvenation, it covers 23 hectares, which today, as well as being a popular bird watching environment, supports a rich variety of native wild flowers  including the delicate bee orchid.' (Wigg island).

On a recent trip I spent the day practising my photography.


Of course learning photography is hard enough, but trying to identify the wildlife, now that's a different subject all together.

Some nice close up shots.

Of course the robin, this is one of my favourite photos, I have never managed to take a photo of these birds before. 

Tip: ALWAYS CHECK YOU EQUIPMENT. The reason I recommend this is because I didn't and although Wigg island is within  walking distance, when I arrived, I unpacked my camera only to find I had forgotten the battery. (Doh).

Another Tip: never put your camera away, you never know when something will come along and leave you searching in your bag for it. 

Just when I thought I was finished, on the walk home. 

 Job done.

All sensible comments welcome.

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